About Me

Dan, Abigail, and Oliver at Psimo Beach, CA

Dan is a freelance film and television editor in Los Angeles, California. He lives on a ranch in the San Fernando Valley with his wife and a whole bunch of dogs, cats, chickens, horses, ponies, lizards, fish, and one single black sheep.

Dan has been editing for damn near two decades, but he refuses to let it feel that way. In recent years he has fallen into the rabbit hole that is reality TV, but he knows that he shan’t dwell there forever. He is passionate about film and television and would love to make the move into narrative, while still retaining the option to edit fascinating documentary projects. (Hire him. Really, you won’t regret it.)

He aspires to have a career like Michael Kahn or Sally Menke.

Look, here he is with Michael Kahn.



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