I had a great time at Comic-con this year. Even though we didn’t stay for the entire thing, I still managed to see and do quite a bit. I spent more than I should have on things I didn’t really need, but hey, who cares? My only regret is not going to the free Linkin Park concert on Thursday night. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time and I’ve never actually seen them live. That same night I had won an invite to the IGN Sin City 2 party, which was cool, but I was totally out of place. Because I was staying with a friend that lives a few miles away from the convention center, I didn’t have an opportunity to clean up or change before the party. I felt a bit ridiculous around a bunch of people that were dressed for the occasion, while I was in shorts and a t-shirt and lugging around a backpack. Live and learn, I guess. Next year I’ll keep some nice clothes in the car (if I can’t score a place downtown, that is).

On Friday, I waited a few hours to get a free Game of Thrones tattoo, courtesy of HBO. I’m pretty happy with this decision. It’s a badass design and I am already planning to have an entire piece done around it. Later that evening, I went to see the San Diego Symphony perform the music of Danny Elfman from the films of Tim Burton. It was an amazing concert. I love Danny Elfman’s music. Much like John Williams’ music in Steven Spielberg’s movies, Elfman’s music is instantly recognizable and a perfect fit for Burton’s films.


About danwolfmeyer

Dan is a Freelance Film/TV editor in Los Angeles, California. He lives on a ranch in the San Fernando Valley with his wife and a whole bunch of dogs, cats, horses, ponies, lizards, fish, and one single black sheep. Dan has been editing in the documentary and news genres for over 15 years. He is passionate about film and television and would love to make the move into narrative film and TV, while still retaining the option to edit fascinating documentary projects. (Hire him, really you won't regret it.) He aspires to have a career like Michael Kahn or Sally Menke.
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