Day Nineteen – Live and Learn

As I’ve mentioned before, for me The Journey is as important as the destination. Often I think of The Journey itself as the destination. This is why it is crucial for an editor to always hone their craft. One way to do this is to practice. For a working editor practice is easy; it is what we do every day. Another way to hone your craft is to learn about other editors and how they work. Living in Los Angeles I am presented with amazing opportunities to do this on a somewhat regular basis.

For the past four years I have attended the American Cinema Editors annual EditFest. I also try to make it out to user group meetings when I know that editors I admire will be presenting at them. Tonight I am going to the Editors’ Lounge hosted by Alpha Dogs and Keycode Media. This will be an opportunity for me to learn from some top editors in television and film. I believe I’ve actually heard each of the people on the schedule present at other events, but I’m always open to learning more from them.

To stay on top of your craft I strongly feel that it is important to go to these types of events. I know a lot of editors who ignore these opportunities and I can’t help but feel like they’re missing out. These are great opportunities to learn and to network. Networking itself is a skill that editors need to master as well. A lot of people go about networking in the wrong way. It is not about finding jobs, it is about making connections and even friends. Those friends and connections may help you in your career or they may just be cool people that share a common interest with you. I personally prefer making connections to form relationships with people who might eventually turn into real friends. Post is a small world and the people who find success and happiness in it are not isolated.


About danwolfmeyer

Dan is a Freelance Film/TV editor in Los Angeles, California. He lives on a ranch in the San Fernando Valley with his wife and a whole bunch of dogs, cats, horses, ponies, lizards, fish, and one single black sheep. Dan has been editing in the documentary and news genres for over 15 years. He is passionate about film and television and would love to make the move into narrative film and TV, while still retaining the option to edit fascinating documentary projects. (Hire him, really you won't regret it.) He aspires to have a career like Michael Kahn or Sally Menke.
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